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Frenzelit´s Philosophy

We at Frenzelit have established a company spirit with the aim that every employee tries to be the customers´ companion in sucessful business activities.

We are convinced that

  • Complete customer orientation
  • Talented employees in good teams
  • Constant development
  • Growth and success

are values which have to be reflected in our concrete aims, attitudes and behaviour. Each employee in the company is committed to these values and takes part in their development. We can only achieve our aims by team-orientated behaviour, fairness, creativity and the will to succeed.

In Frenzelit

  • the employees guarantee the success of the company
  • every employee invests all his knowledge and performance and develops these further, so that the company continues to grow and be successful
  • we rely on mutual respect and fairness in our daily contact and on an open-minded cooperation

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