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Frenzelit´s History

 1881 Company founded by Guido Frenzel
 1920 Introduction of Gasket Materials
 1953 Start of Technical Textiles Production
 1961 The Wagner Family takes over the Company
Assembly of Yarn Spinning Division
 1963 Start of Fabric Expansion Joint Manufacture
 1967 Production of Cylinder Head Gasket Materials
 1982 Presentation of the First Asbestos-free Gasket Materials
 1990 Foundation of Frenzelit North America Inc. and
Construction of the new Technology Centre
 1993 Introduction of new Needlemat Production-line
 1994 novatec ® engineered graphite with Kevlar ® as new Gasket Material
Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001
 1997 Construction of Waterjet Cutting Machine for 3-dimensional Insulation Components
 1998 Quality Management QS 9000 und VDA 6.1 
 1999 Mtex ® Thermal-Metal Coating on Technical Textiles
ISO 14001 certification
 2001 Wet-laid Nonwoven Technology, Dispenser Technology
Construction of "Airlayed ®" Needlemat machine for Insulation Materials
ISO/TS 14949 certification
 2002 Assembly of Mtex ®-Series Production Machinery

HICOTEC ® - the Innovation in Frenzelit´s New Materials Divison
Production Start of Acoustic Insulation Pillows


Foundation of Frenzelit Sealing Systems Inc., USA


Foundation of Frenzelit IKU
HICOTEC ® TP - radiant heating
Construction of the new expansion joint workshop

Kevlar ® is a trademark registed by DuPont.


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