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Quality and Environment

Environment Management

We aim to reconcile environmental responsibility with economic viability. We are committed to protection of the health and safety of our staff as well as such third parties as external companies, contractors, visitors.
We make regular tests and carry out specific projects to ensure that the current regulations are at least observed. In addition to this, we make further identifiable and realisable improvements within the framework of the Frenzelit F4 system.

Our objectives:
  • 0 accidents, on the basis of the corporate philosophy that every accident is avoidable!
  • We carry out continuous improvement processes to reduce and avoid emissions and waste that pollute the environment, to the extent that this is technically and economically possible.
  • Resources are limited. We therefore continue to work on reducing raw, auxiliary and operating material consumption. We form closed-loop recycling systems wherever possible.
  • In new developments, we use raw materials that involve no or minimal potential risks and opt for recycled materials wherever possible.
  • We analyse our environmental impact. When action is taken as a result, we specify targets and implement them, to the extent that this is economically and technically feasible.
  • The effects of planned activities on the environment are assessed in advance, so that production operations are carried out in an environmentally responsible way.
  • We use our influence to make sure that our suppliers meet our environmental standards.
  • We co-operate proactively with our customers, our suppliers and the authorities to reduce potential risks and to observe laws, standards and regulations.
  • Every individual employee is expected to take personal initiative in contributing actively to protection of the environment and occupational health & safety.
  • Occupational health & safety/environmental protection are a primary assignment and responsibility of all managers in their areas of operation and responsibility.
  • Reports on significant events and projects in the environmental and safety fields are presented for the individual areas of responsibility in the context of the management review that is held twice a year and targets are set for the subsequent reporting period.

Approvals and tests


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