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novaplan ® 03000

Microscopical view
This product is part of the range of insulation materials.

novaplan ® 03000 consists of a mixture of organic and inorganic fibres as well a mineral fillers.
Thus this material is resistant to temperatures up to 1000°C.
This material contains a special mineral flame retardant, which makes this material outstanding with regard to environmental friendliness (non-halogen) and efficiency to exhaust gas rejection.
The portion of organic binders and in consequence the low development of exhaust gases makes the novaplan ® 03000 meet the requirements of ASTM SAE J369 at flammability and is recommended for use at continuous temperatures up to 900°C.

Typical applications:
  • gasket for exhaust systems – cladded between perforated steel
  • shielding component encased in closed mouldings

novaplan ® 03000 has been used successfully in OEM equipment worldwide and has an outstanding performance in heat insulation and sound-absorption.

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