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BBM, Coswig

Frenzelit acoustic pillows in gas turbines: Tricky mission

bbm-akustik_logo-4cEnvironmental protection is more than climate protection. Acoustic pollution is among the most pressing environmental problems – all over the world and to an increasing extent. One conceivable solution to the problem is ear protection. A more efficient way to solve the problem is to tackle it at the noise source. In the flue gas chimneys of gas turbines, for example, through which hot gases escape at a high temperature – and at a noise level that neither company staff nor neighbours can be expected to accept unless soundproofing measures are taken.

fzt067-bbm-coswig-roehring_Increasingly exacting requirements

The only difficulty is that gas turbines are not just particularly loud but also particularly difficult to soundproof. Especially in view of the fact that the requirements are becoming increasingly exacting. Whereas flue gas temperatures up to a maximum of 550°C were state of the art for a long time, it is perfectly possible for the gas temperatures in the latest generation of power stations to reach peak levels of up to 700°C. Not to mention the higher mechanical stress caused by shorter intervals between load changes and the strain associated with this as a result of deployment in peak load power stations with daily starts and stops. Such as for example a new gas turbine power station in Tarragona/Spain that needed to be reequipped.

fzt067-bbm-coswig-bbm_hausPartnership between Frenzelit and BBM Akustik
It is standard practice to use stainless steel structures for acoustic insulation, with either loose insulation material or precisely fabricated acoustic pillows fitted in them. These pillows have the advantage that they are easy to handle and can be in installed within five minutes, whereas loose material takes considerably longer to fit – without guaranteeing such consistent material/density distribution. The engineering firm BBM Akustik Technologie GmbH (Planegg near Munich in Germany) has made a name for itself around the world with the design and supply of silencers for large plants. The subsidiary RÖHRING-BBM (Coswig near Dresden), the leading German manufacturer of industrial silencers has specialised in such steel engineering applications as the construction of power station silencers, inline, reactive and blow-off silencers kissen-metall-hell-v03for plants all over the world.
Hagen Peters, engineer in BBM Akustik Technologie and project manager responsible for research and development, initiated investigations with the objective of increasing the quality of standard pillow designs. A search for solutions was made with the market leader for technical textiles, Frenzelit-Werke GmbH & Co. KG (Bad Berneck) – with successful results.

Patented worldwide

Reiner Schrei, Senior Executive and head of the Frenzelit technical textiles division, and fzt067-bbm-coswig-kulissen_Rita Jeske-Booth, Key account manager in the same division, developed an alternative that reaches completely new dimensions where its efficiency level is concerned: the search made was for improved absorber materials which are suitable for operating temperatures in the ranges up to 650°C and 700°C. What was developed were acoustic pillow fillings made from isoGLAS®GT glass fibre and the highly temperature-resistant fibre material isoTHERM®GTH.
They have a number of improved properties:
  • Longer fibres (compared with such standard insulation materialas basalt)
  • Consistently homogeneous filling material density over its entire life span
  • Greater fibre stability to cope with extreme thermal and mechanical stresses
  • Absolutely safe as far as respirability is concerned.
The highly temperature-resistant acoustic woven fabric AF 460 HT red for pillow envelopes that was also developed for these special applications guarantees higher tear and
brittle fracture resistance properties.

In addition to this, BBM-Compound from Frenzelit isoTECH® was developed - a composite material made from Frenzelit isoTECH® needlemat and Frenzelit AM 30 glass needlemat. – This new material is acoustically transparent but provides at the same time a highly effective mechanical protection between the absorber pillows and the perforated plate. fzt067-bbm-coswig-109Global patent applications have been filed for this new solution.

Installation in Tarragona

An opportunity to test both types of acoustic pillow under extreme conditions in practical operation, i.e. at temperatures of about 650°C, came up at a gas turbine power station in Spain. The results at the end of the trial were clear: the filling of the basalt fibre pillows had lost its fibrous structure almost completely and had turned into a powdery, rusty red mass. The glass fibre pillows were practically unchanged.

Customised just in time

comp-kissen-neu-variante-2-Series production of second-generation acoustic pillows – acoustic pillows with glass fibre filling and BBM-compound from Frenzelit isoTECH® material – began in Bad Berneck on the basis of this confirmation in practical testing. In line with the very varied turbine geometries, which make it necessary to produce pillows with up to 25 different dimensions in some cases – including conical and triangular configurations – the pillows are manufactured in precision operations in Bad Berneck in accordance with specification drawings. Production of the silencers starts in Coswig at the same time. The pillows are supplied just in time, as arranged with the Coswig plant manager Thomas Reuß. The special identification system facilitates assignment of the appropriate pillows to the silencer cavities tremendously.

fzt067-bbm-coswig-076Quiet turbines

The results produced with this innovative technology have impressed not only the power station operators in Tarragona. A number of other plant manufacturers also plan to use the new, highly temperature-resistant material, which satisfies future requirements as well.


Frenzelit product range

Gaskets and gasket materials

Comprehensive know-how acquired over a period of many years and process engineering skills enable Frenzelit to set new standards in the production of modern sealing materials. Frenzelit supplies a complete range of gaskets, with novaphit®, the generation of gaskets made from pure graphite reinforced with expanded metal, the material
concept novatec® - “engineered graphite with Kevlar® (a trademark registered by DuPont)”, the high-pressure gasket material novapress®, the PTFE gaskets novaflon® and the
metal, dispenser and screen printing gaskets novaform®.

Technical textiles
Skills in the development and processing of highly temperature-resistant fibres combined with decades of experience have made Frenzelit one of the leading manufacturers of technical textiles. The range of sealing and insulating materials consists of various product lines such as isoGLAS®, isoTHERM®, novaTEX®, novaSEAL® and isoKERAM® with different temperature limits up to 1 200°C.

Expansion joints
More than forty years of experience go into the production of our fabric and elastomer expansion joints for power engineering and plant manufacturing applications. Due to the extremely exacting demands made in operation, exclusive use is made of highest-quality special woven fabrics produced in-house from glass, SiO2-glass or aramid fibres as well as the necessary coatings. PTFE composite material and PTFE, rubber and steel expansion joints round off the product range.

The insulation range includes not only heat insulation materials such as woven fabrics, woven tapes and nonwoven fabrics from the isoGLAS® and isoTHERM® product lines but also isoplan® insulation panels and special materials for transport rollers used in high-temperature applications, novaplan® heat shielding materials and cushioning materials for
acoustic insulation.

New materials
Frenzelit develops and produces a range of high-performance nonwoven materials under the name HICOTEC®. These materials are based on use of such high-performance fibres as carbon fibres. They have different properties from both technical textiles and high-performance papers. They are “new materials” for new application areas.

P1010506Technical textiles for BBM Akustik

Frenzelit: “creating hightech solutions”
Innovations today for the world tomorrow

Frenzelit-Werke GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces and sells high-pressure gaskets, technical textiles for insulation, sealing and filtration as well as expansion joints for plant engineering. About 400 employees work at the production facilities in Frankenhammer and Himmelkron in Germany. Subsidiaries and sales offices in the USA, Russia, the Czech Republic, China and India are impressive evidence of the global presence that the medium-sized company from Upper Franconia in Southern Germany has established.
The managing partner is Dr Wolfgang Wagner. Frenzelit was founded in 1881. kamin-v05The company has ISO 14001 environmental management certification; quality certification has been obtained by the gaskets and technical textiles divisions (ISO/TS 16949:2002) and the expansion joints division (ISO 9001:2000).
Advantages at a glance:

Frenzelit acoustic pillows with glass fibre filling

Longer life-time
Higher temperature resistance (up to 700°C)
Excellent acoustic insulation
Dimensional stability throughout the life cycle
Fibres > 6 µ are not respirable and are not subject to the WHO regulations (PSA not required)

img_6836Figures – data – facts

Wherever noise levels are considered to be too high and therefore have to be reduced, RÖHRING-BBM has been manufacturing soundproofing products for industry for more than 25 years now – particularly in power station and plant engineering. The company‘s range includes the production, delivery and installation of large silencers and acoustic
enclosures. All the products are planned, supplied and installed as special individual designs. Welding engineers operate state-of-the-art thin and thick sheet metalworking machines in the production operations. The technology and quality of the products are optimised on an ongoing basis within the corporate group in close liaison with BBM
Akustik fzt067-bbm-coswig-100Technologie.


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Thomas Reuß
Thomas Reuß
senior executive and plant manager at RÖHRING-BBM GmbH (Coswig near Dresden):

“The co-operation is completely smoothly. The acoustic pillows arrive from Bad Berneck just in time. The numbering system enables them to be assigned clearly. And since the long fibres do not involve any health risks at all, no occupational health and safety measures of any kind needs to be taken.”
Hagen Peters
Hagen Peters
engineering graduate, Senior executive, project manager and Head of R&D, BBM Akustik Technologie GmbH (Planegg near Munich):

“Frenzelit acoustic pillows based on glass fibres have the potential we need to equip modern generation turbine power stations.”
Reiner Schrei
Reiner Schrei
engineering graduate, Head of the Frenzelit technical textiles division (Bad Berneck):

“With its in-depth skills in the specialised field of soundproofing products for large industrial plants – as regards both the steel structures and the engineering services from planning to measurement – BBM is one of our most important partners. And one of the most constructive ones too.”
Rita Jeske-Booth
Rita Jeske-Booth
has a Master‘s degree and is Key account manager in the Frenzelit technical textiles division (Bad Berneck):

“The Tarragona project is a good example of what we can achieve in close co-operation with our customer, from customised innovation development to inhouse production of the complete package, needlemat, woven fabric and compound and just-in-time delivery – with everything coming from a single, integrated supplier.”
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