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SCA, Mannheim

Frenzelit expansion joints optimise production at SCA: Higher productivity, lower costs
The paper machine WM 4 is enormous. It makes tissue paper for toilet paper production at the SCA mill in Mannheim / Germany (ZEWA!). Its output today: three reels of tissue paper per hour. Each reel is almost six metres wide and weights about 5 tonnes, while the paper web travels through the machine at a speed of up to 1 800 m/min.

The machine, which was built in 1980, originally had sliding gas-kets in the area of the large, high-performance drying hood, which led to high costs as well as great problems. Attempts to eliminate both with metal bellows expansion joints proved to be unsuccessful as soon as they were installed. The four metal expansion joints with a cross section of 2 by 2.17 meters with the purpose to compensate the axial and lateral movements between the combustion chamber and the drying unit, were unable to satisfy these requirements. Regular patching from the outside and the inside produced just as unsatisfactory results as attempts to find design solutions. New leaks, from which steam at a temperature of 470° C
escaped at a pressure level of 60 mbar under normal operating conditions, had to be plugged on regular occasions. The biggest problem was, however, that the paper dust consisting of pulp fibres was deposited all over the hood and was set on fire by the leaks. The consequence of these smouldering fires were production interruptions and machine stoppages. The leaks also led to an increase in Yankee hood energy consumption.

End of the makeshift arrangements
To improve the situation on the WM 4, the maximum hood temperature was reduced, which at the same time reduced the machine production output, however. Maintenance Manager
Reinhold Heinsch: “A situation that was not acceptable. Something needed to be done!“

Flexible expansion joint the solution
It was soon clear to Project Manager Ulf Pöhlmann from the Frenzelit expansion joint division: the problem could not be solved with a metal expansion joint. Only a special flexible expansion
joint with efficient heat insulation facilities could meet the special
requirements under the unfavourable technical installation
The Frenzelit application engineers developed the concept for a solution on the basis of the exact requirement profiles and then planned, designed and built four flexible expansion joints with an easily cleaned outer surface that acted as an expansion joint and heat insulation at the same time. Only two-and-a-half months had gone by in the meantime since the inquiry was received.
In a tight schedule of just three days, the old expansion joints were removed by a specialised company under Frenzelit’s supervision and the new ones were fitted. An extremely tricky job in view of the cramped conditions and the huge dimensions of the new expansion joints.

An investment that pays for itself
When SCA put the machine back into operation, it was immediately obvious: the leakage problems had been solved. And the company‘s satisfaction has in actual fact increased. For more than one good reason:
there has not been a single fire alarm because of leaks ever since. The expansion joints have kept the promises they made, with the result that energy consumption has dropped. It has been possible to increase the operating temperature back up to 470° C, so that the production speed of the machine has been raised to up to
1 800 m/min. due to the drying capacity that is now available. A smooth drying process with lower costs and higher productivity – therefore the investment costs for the new technology were paid back after six months only!

Expansion joint for SCA
Technical data
  • Temperature: max. 480°C
  • Movement:
    • axial up to 30 mm
    • lateral 250/60 mm
  • Daily start-up and shutdown possible
  • Internal dimensions: 2 000 x 2 170 mm
  • Installation height: 1 950 mm

Advantages at a glance:
  • Safety aspects:
    • No danger caused by hot air from leaks
    • No risk of fire
  • Working conditions:
    • Bearable temperatures during cleaning
    • Greater safety
    • More room to move
  • Economic aspects:
    • Higher productivity
    • Lower energy consumption
  • Maintenance aspects:
    • More convenient maintenance
    • Longer maintenance intervals
    • Better availability
Figures – data – facts
SCA Tissue Europe is the leading tissue supplier in Europe. The heaquarters of the business unit is in Munich / Germany. The product range consists of toilet paper, folded towels and household towels, napkins and paper handkerchiefs. SCA Tissue Europe’s customers include major international retail chains, industry, service companies and the retail trade. SCA’s most well-known brands include Tork, Tempo, Zewa, Velvet and Edet in addition to a wide range of own-label brands that are well-established on the European market. SCA Tissue Europe is a business division of the Swedish SCA Group, has about 8 600 employees and generated sales of about EUR 2 billion in 2006.

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Reference SCA, Mannheim

Reinhold Heinsch
Reinhold Heinsch
Maintenance Manager, SCA Hygiene Products GmbH, Mannheim Mill:

“The Frenzelit solution that we have now installed was not just the only conceivable one; it was also the only correct one. The WM 4 is not a problem for the maintenance department any more. The risk of fire has been eliminated, productivity has been increased and operation is no longer interrupted by leaks.“
Ulf Pöhlmann
Ulf Pöhlmann
Sales Manager of the Frenzelit expansion joint division:

“We can solve (almost) any problem thanks to our lengthy experience and our in-depth production operations. We provide comprehensive service to our customers. From on-site analysis of the problems to concept development and planning, construction, assembly, monitoring and maintenance.“
Achim Schmittel
Achim Schmittel
WM 4 machine operator, SCA Hygiene Products GmbH, Mannheim Mill:

“The new expansion joints have improved our working conditions considerably. Firstly, it is more pleasant: we can operate at higher temperatures but have substantially lower temperatures when cleaning the machine every day since there are no leaks with the new solution. Secondly, it is safer – we have not had a single fire any more since the change was made.“
Alexander Clarius
Alexander Clarius
application advisory/sales department of the Frenzelit expansion joint division:

“High-performance expansion joints are not available off-the-peg when replacements are required. The advantage of this is that we do not sell what we already have; instead of this, we develop customised products which exactly fit to your needs.“
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