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Typical Properties

HICOTEC ® products convince with their high consistency in area weight in longitudinal and transverse direction, a controllable orientation of the fibres towards anisotropic or isotropic materials with lowest area weights. These properties are characteristic of the material group of precision non-wovens. The variety of possible properties opens a wide range of achievable functions for your applications:

High porosity - adaptable to your requirements [more...]


Electrical conductivity - or would you prefer insulation? [more...]


Additive incorporation - the choice is yours [more...]


Impressive homogeneity [more...]


Modulus of elasticity with controllable flexibility [more...]


Ideal multi-component fibre blends [more...]


Thin, uniform structures and low basis weight [more...]


Thermoformability [more...]


Absorbency [more...]

Since the properties outlined above can be combined with almost no restrictions, HICOTEC ® is an excellent candidate for many different applications: electromagnetic shielding or damping, lightweight construction, wear protection layers, bearing and gasket materials or applications in the composite industry - (almost) anything is possible with HICOTEC ®!

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