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Thermal Power

It frequently takes many years to find out what an idea is really worth. But sometimes it only takes a few seconds.
Ultralight. Ultraflat. Tiny carbon fibres as conductors that concvert electricity into heat. Thousands of them in an extremely small place. The result:: Thermal Power - revolutionary solutions for radiant heating. For many different applications and industries.
Heat up: The thermoscan proves it: HICOTEC ® TP heats up in a matter of seconds - all over. Controllably up to 180°C, depending on the application.
This is not only convenient but also extremely economic.
Cool down: Optimum control: back to the original temperature in an matter of seconds too.
Radiant heating at its fastest.
Thanks to the use of carbon fibres and its own low weight, HICOTEC ® TP achieves faster heating and cooling rates than metal heat conductors. The result: the required temperature is reached within a few seconds.


Some applications: room interiors, swimming pools, mirrors, seats and armrests, aircraft wings, passenger compartments (busses, trains, planes), roads and foothpaths, industrial heating systems up to 180°C, electrical adhesive systems, ...and your product idea.
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